Saturday, November 1, 2008


>UW20 Students Ensure that Children of the Holocaust Are Not Forgotten
>UW20 Students Work in DC Communities, Learn How to Make Writing Do Work

>Guest Lecturer Abdur-Rahman Muhammad Teaches UW20 Students the Fact and Fiction Behind the Nation of Islam
>DC Activist Nadine Bloch and UW20 Prof. Phyllis Ryder Discuss the Rhetorics of Social Protest
>Student Lecture Series: Change and Motion: Place, Space, & Rhetoric in the Urban Space
>Prof. Zach Wolfe's New Book on Hate Crimes Law Published
>Prof. Robin Marcus's New Short Story Published
>See My Big Break and Talk to the Director
>Eckles Library Plans Two Campus Read Events
>UW20 Alumn Jesse Regis wins Eckles Prize
>UW Film Event: Faces From the New Farm
>Guest Speaker Brian Becker Motivates UW20 Students to Activism
>Happy Accident: Comix Artists and UW20
>Student Lecture Series Event on Conspiracy Theory Draws Big Crowd

>Euonymous Needs Writers
>Euonymous Needs Editors
>Symposium Design Contest Announced

>Find Spring 2009 Course Descriptions Online
>Pick a UW20 Course By Topic, Not Time Slot
>UW20 Faculty Do Not Sign Registration Overrides
>Why You Shouldn't Try to Change Your Section of UW20 After the First Week of Classes

>UW20 Alum Stefanie Fischer reflects on her UW20 Experience
>How to Make Key Rhetorical and Intellectual Moves in Expert Writing
>How to Use Sources Effectively in Expert Writing
>How to Get Started on Research as an Emergent Researcher
>How to Revise (NOT JUST EDIT!) Your Writing and Get Better Results
>How to Generate Original Ideas--Even as an Emergent Scholar
>Top Tips to Finish UW20 Strong!
>How to Start UW20 on the Right Foot!

>UW20 Prof. Caroline Smith Named "Phenomenal Professor" by Student Organization
>For UW20 Prof. Cayo Gamber, Herstory Matters
>Two UW20 Professors Win Bender Award for Teaching Excellence

>Writing Advice from GW Faculty_For Booklet Printing
>Writing Advice from GW Faculty