Thursday, March 26, 2009

DC Activist Nadine Bloch and UW20 Prof. Phyllis Ryder Discuss the Rhetorics of Social Protest

Prof. Abby Wilkerson of the University Writing Program invites the GW Community to attend a dialogue between internationally acclaimed activist Nadine Bloch and rhetorician Phyllis Ryder on the language and rhetoric of social protest. View samples of Nadine Bloch's work and learn how to access Prof. Ryder's writings in the full post.

This event is co-sponsored by the English Department, Women's Studies, and the University Writing Program.

When & Where
Wednesday, April 1
7 - 8:30 PM
Gelman 207
Contact: Prof. Abby Wilkerson

Nadine Bloch, Photo Credit: Ms MagazineBloch (wikipedia profile) has led campaigns on issues from nuclear weapons to international trade justice and the environment. She is particularly known for her innovative use of street theater, puppetry, and performance art (and has been known to sport a hand-painted t-shirt proclaiming "Puppetry Is Not A Crime").

Dr. Phyllis Ryder, Photo Credit: Eric DrownRyder's (profile) scholarship on protest rhetoric explores the use of nontraditional means of communication such as puppetry as a form of democratic participation in international political/policy deliberation.

Together, Bloch and Ryder will explore rhetorical challenges and strategies in the ongoing efforts to foster participation in democratic processes globally.

Prof. Ryder's article,"In(ter)ventions of Global Democracy: An Analysis of the Rhetorics of the A-16 World Bank/IMF Protests in Washington, DC" Rhetoric Review v. 25, iss. 4 (2006): 408-26 is available to members of the GW community by searching "Ryder Phyllis" on the Articles tab of the Gelman Library website.

View pictures of Nadine Bloch's activist work with puppets here and here.

Nadine Bloch's "Global Warming Polar Bears"

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